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National Public CAD Systems

Posted 9/26/2017

Here is a list of public CAD systems. If you know of a system that is not listed here, please leave the needed information in the comments so it can be added to the list.

Alaska Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol

Displays daily trooper dispatch reports by date.


Arizona Phoenix Fire Department Dispatch Center

Phoenix Fire Department current active incidents. Data updated on one minute intervals and generated by the Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center. Automatic screen refresh rate is every 60 seconds.


California Highway Patrol

View-able as - List | Map | Both - Click on an incident for additional detailed information. Automatic screen refresh rate is every 60 seconds.



California Fire

Displays current Cal Fire list of major incidents. RSS feed available


California FireDispatch

Provides online CAD & Scanner Feeds for the following northern California areas. | San Mateo County | Santa Cruz County | Yolo County | Palo Alto | San Ramon Valley | Chino Valley Fire


California San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District provides service to the communities of Alamo, Blackhawk, the Town of Danville, Diablo, the City of San Ramon, the southern area of Morgan Territory and the Tassajara Valley, all located in Contra Costa County. Live Incident Dispatch (Displays Active Incidents), Streaming Audio (Live Scanner Feed). Multiple Twitter accounts for |  Incidents by type & location. iPhone Application available as well.


California Orange County Crime Calls

Online CAD for these areas - Anaheim Police Department | Buena Park Police Department | Cypress Police Department | Fountain Valley Police Department | Fullerton Police Department | La Habra Police Department | Los Alamitos Police Department | Orange County Sheriff's Department | Seal Beach Police Department | Tustin Police Department | Westminister Police Department


Florida Online CAD & Incident Information

Select the county or troop in the map or drop down boxes below to view crashes and/or road closures in that area. Reports are updated every five minutes. All reports are troop level reports, even when selected by county.