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National Public CAD Systems

Posted 9/26/2017

Here is a list of public CAD systems. If you know of a system that is not listed here, please leave the needed information in the comments so it can be added to the list.

Alaska Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol

Displays daily trooper dispatch reports by date.


Arizona Phoenix Fire Department Dispatch Center

Phoenix Fire Department current active incidents. Data updated on one minute intervals and generated by the Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center. Automatic screen refresh rate is every 60 seconds.


California Highway Patrol

View-able as - List | Map | Both - Click on an incident for additional detailed information. Automatic screen refresh rate is every 60 seconds.



California Fire

Displays current Cal Fire list of major incidents. RSS feed available


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CAD has a New On-Line Scanner

Posted 9/18/2017

CAD 2.x has a new on-line scanner. The new scanner has a new look and you can add and manage your own streams. Like the old scanner plug-in it uses cookies to remember your settings. So if you like to listen to  your own scanner, just select it from the list and the next time you open the scanner it will load the last selected feed.

It will also remember if you have muted the scanner, so if you don't here any sound be sure to check that you didn't mute it.

For those who just love the old on-line scanner,  it is is still available.

If you want to add our scanner to you website, click here to learn how.

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New Weather Alerts available for CAD 2.X owners

Posted 9/18/2017

Weather Notification are now available to you CAD. The Notifications come from NOAA and are updated every 10 minutes. You can select which notification types you want to send out by adding the alert type to your alert type list. If the alert is not in your list, it will be not be sent to your members or show up in your system.

You will also need to create a new dispatcher called "NWS". This is so the alerts will be credited to NWS. Without this account your alerts will not be imported.

A list of alert types from NOAA are available at NOAA Alert Types.